Who we are

The innovative Infrared Heaters manufactured with Respect to People and Planet

energy efficiency made in Thailand


We are a Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and we are proud of it.  We are the skilled workforce who involve in manufacturing and delivering renewal energy solutions in Thailand for more than 10 years; solar lights & gardening products, solar photovoltaic system, solar thermal systems, and efficient energy Infrared heaters.  The expertise and experience we have learned encourages us to continue doing what we do best for our people and our planet.

Our production team is a local skilled workforce who are well received the German technology transferred, who are reliable, dedicate and commit to manufacture quality products; as we are aware the outcome is not only for the well-being of our people and families, but we manufacture the efficient energy house hold appliance that allows a building to use less heating energy to maintain a comfortable temperature indoor.

Reducing energy use is also seen as a solution to help control and reducing global emissions of greenhouse gases and we believe we are a part in promoting that efficient energy use.

That is who we are, and our work attitude we dedicate and commit to it.


From the French expression, “Ambiance Ambrée”.

The soft and warm amber color gives you the same feeling of living in a cozy and warm place. While the heat radiation gives you the same feeling of the Sun’s rays.

So, here we introduce to you the soothing warm produced by Amberays Far Infrared Heaters.

The inspiration behind this concept is from a French Professor who is not only giving advice, but the spirit that he is always there to support is above all. Thank you very, very much. This is a great honor for us.