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AR-C1 Wireless Controller

The room temperature control system includes the AR-C1 wireless controller and the AR-R1 wireless receiver that shall be paired to control the Amberays heating panels.  The room temperature control offers the “5+1+1 heat program" with 4 available period of time so you can select the time and temperature you prefer.

AR-R1 Wireless Receiver

           AR-C1 Wireless Controller

Main Characteristics:

  • Battery operated

  • Large digital display with the white backlighting.

  • 4 periods of each day programmable (5+1+1)

  • Set temperature shown on the display as well as the room temperature (°C) and time.

  • The controller is supplied with a wall-fixing plate for surface mounted and a mounting base for free stand.

           AR-R1 Wireless Receiver

Main Characteristics:

“Heating on” and “Power on” LED indicators

RF frequency:                 868MHz

Receiver Dimensions:    85mm x 85mm x 25mm

Wireless distance:          Approx. 150m unobstructed

Certification:                    CE, RoHS, R&TTE

Important:       Maximum load is 10A / 2.3kw at 230v.                            The AR-R1 wireless receiver can be                                used to control several heating panels                            but must not exceed the maximum                                  wattage of 2,300W. INDOOR USE ONLY.

Technical Specification:

Controller Operating Voltage: 2 x AAA 1.5V Alkaline batteries

Frequency:                                868MHz

Programmable options:          5+1+1 day, 4 periods each day

Temperature settings:             5°C - 30°C, 0.5°C increments

Accuracy:                                  +/- 0.5°C (+/- 1°F).

Controller Dimensions:           120mm x 85mm x 23mm

Color:                                         White

IP protection rating:                 20

Certification:                             CE, RoHS, R&TTE