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Condensation occurs when water vapour in the air inside the house condenses on a cold surface. It can occur at any time of the year and is seen as misting or 

droplets on windows, walls, and concrete floors. We human being contribute to the condensation condition as well, in form of water vapour such as breathing, perspiration, washing, cooking, bathing, drying clothes, and burning fuel.

Mould growth occurs when mould spores germinate on contact with surfaces that are damp through condensation. The mould takes the appearance of small black spots on the wall or window surface.  Not only that the surface area indoor will have so unfavorable looks, this condition is so unhealthy and individual with asthma or other allergies could suffer critically.

Moreover, there is also condensation and mould growth on your external walls during the winter. As the temperature drops down, the walls continue to cool until they fall below a critical temperature, at this stage, the condensation will begin.



An indoor humidity (RH) of less than 30% causes dry-air problems: discomfort due to excess static electricity, skin irritation, headaches, respiratory problems, and in the long run also problems involving furniture, and floors as humidity, condensation and mould occur when the surface temperature of the walls is below the irrigation temperature.

Dry wall to prevent mould

Principally, your walls store heat; heat energy is absorbed and stored on the wall depending upon how heavy the materials are, and the period for which it has been heated. Warm air can hold more moisture than cold air so if your house is heated adequately you are less likely to suffer from condensation.

With Amberays Infrared heating panel, the walls are always warm and the preconditions for condensation mould are practically eliminated, and humidity remains stable between 40% and 55%. As a result, there is no air-flow, dust will settle on the floor and can easily be removed. Moreover, indoor conditions for people that suffer from asthma or other allergies will improve significantly. Amberays Infrared heating panels provide you a comfortable heating and sufficient warmth indoor to prevent and reduce mould growth.