Energy efficiency infrared heater


Energy saving, energy efficiency, environmental friendly.



When the infrared heating panel is energized, the heat radiates to bodies, objects, and surface of the room (hits and soaks into the objects, walls, floor and ceiling) so the whole surface area is evenly heated.

Heat radiation flows from hot to cold bodies and objects. Since infrared heating panels warm the room surfaces evenly, your own body temperature remains more stable.  

This means that although the air may be maintained at a cooler set point, you still feel comfortably warm.

Comfortable warmth with radiant heating at a lower thermostat setting – that saves energy.

Convective heating causes air circulation where the air cools down by touching the colder walls and ceilings. This airflow needs to be reheated all the time and requires energy. When using infrared heating panel, the whole surface area of the room and objects is evenly heated so there is no airflow, and no need to reheat the air all the time – that saves energy.

Over the winter period, there is big difference in temperature between indoor and outdoor. So to maintain the comfortable heat indoor requires high heat energy and that leads to high electricity bills. 

As previously said that unlike heat transmitted by thermal conduction or thermal convection, the heat radiation by infrared heating panels convert almost all electrical energy into heat and once energized, the radiation evenly warm the surface area of the room, bodies and objects; the surface area can retain heat, this creates a better thermal comfort indoor for longer time.

Consequently, to maintain the comfortable heat indoor, infrared heating panels essentially serve as a major part in the lower energy consumption i.e. lower electricity bills – that saves cost.

With a sturdy slim design made of aluminum housing, and appropriately heating elements arrangement, the infrared heating panels requires no servicing or repair cost, maintenance free - that saves cost.