The innovative Infrared Heaters manufactured with Respect to People and Planet




A BASIC ASPECT, Amberays Infrared heating panel is a household product that powered by electricity and heats the environment by producing long wavelength heat radiation (FAR infrared, IR-C).  

The long wave far infrared has no light visible, it does not heat up the air but pass through, yet better absorbed by human skin with low reflection.  The infrared heating panel heats bodies and objects directly and creates favorably and comfortably warm feeling.

Importantly, Amberays Infrared heating panels converts almost all electricity consumed into heat and increases the heat efficiency, and that makes the system economic.

INNOVATIVE ASPECT, Amberays’ Infrared heating panels has a white powder coated aluminium front that has high ability to emit infrared energy, so called heat radiation, when being heated.


Please see the following link to learn more about the relationship between surface temperature and infrared energy release : "Explanatory notes on Plancks law“. by Dr Gerard McGranaghan, Ceramicx Ltd.

Generally, the infrared technology enables to heat the environment and spending less energy (the percentage is around 50%) and in a most efficient way compared to the other infrared heaters. Essentially, the heating panels have a slim but sturdy body with classic design that does not take much space but enhance the stylish yet modest atmosphere of the room.

GREEN ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT, Amberays Infrared heating panel uses electricity, so it does not produce carbon monoxide (CO). Especially, when using the heating panels with renewal energy (green electricity from solar PV or wind turbine ) the Amberays infrared heating panel is 100% carbon free. 

Furthermore, due to its comfortable warm heat, Amberays infrared heating panel is absolutely suitable for nurturing plants and vegetables in a building where having limited space to sun rays or during the period of winter time.

This is one of the most important senses of the technology on the environmental issues.

HIGH COMPETITIVE ASPECT, Amberays’ Infrared heating panels’ manufacturing costs and times is low due to its flexible production processes. The quality of products is compatible to the international standards at international markets.


Fundamentally, Amberays’ Infrared heating panels radiates comfortable heat instead of aggressive heat to the person or the material in front of it, keeps the surface of the room and wall dry, and once Amberays’ Infrared heating panels is powered and turned off, it

does not lose its effectiveness immediately, the area still stays warm as the surface of the room retain the heat and gradually reduces.


When the utilization of infrared heaters becomes extensively general, the wastage of energy consumption can be prevented economically.

Significantly, the other infrared heaters may cost less (less material means less cost) but you need more panels (W/m2) and over the long term usage, you pay higher electricity bills.

Last but not least, besides those mentioned aspects, Amberays’ Infrared heating panels are also

  • Practically mobilization

  • Easy installation at very low cost.

  • Require no maintenance and service expenses.



              "Because our energy efficiency technology concept is different" 

The input power of an Infrared heater says nothing about the heat output.  Every heated surface emits infrared waves - but heating up a surface does not automatically mean that the heated surface works efficiently.

The output performance and efficiency is depending only on the following factors :

  • the surface size

  • the surface coating (efficiency for generating heat radiation)

  • the surface temperature

The Amberays's concept of energy efficiency technology of Far infrared heating panels is  :

  • 30% more surface

  • white powder coated surface with high emissivity value

  • low surface temperature of 72°C

The bigger surface creates more surface heat absorption and radiation. High emissivity from the powder coated surface generates high 

effectiveness in emitting heat radiation. 


The low surface temperature gives comfortable warm; not high heat penetration. The heat radiation will gradually warm up the surface of the room, so you achieve a comfortable and even-heat instead of getting a quick aggressive heat.  

And importantly, there is less heat loss to the backside of the heating panel; heat loss to the back is a convective heat that also consumes input wattage.

Amberays Far infrared heating panels has high efficiency, does not create aggressive heat while you are close to the heating panel, and has a minimal heat loss on backside (at approx. 45°C)

Amberays energy efficiency technology concept creates more infrared heat output with less energy consumption.