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           "Personal Infrared Heater"

"innovative material & light body & adjustable temperature & DC input"

To run heater when you will be in a room or using a space for only a few hours may not be ideal.  It is more to waste than save on energy, importantly, you may not get sufficient warm quickly.

Additionally, in winter, for many people, especially women, their hands and feet are always cold as the body tries to keep the vital organs warm. So the blood vessels in the extremities constrict and circulation to these parts is limited. And the result is cold fingers, hands, feet, nose, and ears. This could be vital for individual who is sensitive to cold especially elderly persons.

Therefore, we need to provide solutions; the short period of time heat needed, the quick enough heat to warm the bodies, importantly, must be portable to re-locate to be under your work desk if needed, or serve as a foot rest in cold days.

As we are aware that Infrared heater emits heat radiation that directly heats objects and surface area of the room, it is efficient choice when you work/ use the room for short period of time because it directly heats you and right around you rather than the whole room. 

And once you can smoothly adjust temperature to get to the warm level you need in short time that is energy efficiency.

Therefore, we are developing our NEW infrared heater that will just heat the space right around you, allow you to freely choose the heat you need in quick time, save energy, and outstandingly, the light material with cool touch surface.

comfortable heat with new experience
fiberglass infrared heater