The innovative Infrared Heaters manufactured with Respect to People and Planet



This infrared heating technology has a high competitive aspects comparing to others type of heat transfer, essentially when the manufacturing costs and times is reasonably low. 

At our factory as well as OEM supplier, we manufacture and ship the FAR infrared heaters directly to customers worldwide. We focus that our products conform to standard we have committed to, particularly,  at a very low production loss.  Furthermore, as the automatization production is constricting, our workforce make sure each assembling process, through the quality control and packing process obtains right handling & supervision.


Our local skilled and experience workforce understand that their dedication and good production practices is key part to make better for production and products. And that spirit and work performance apparently keep our manufacturing cost at a controllable level with flexibility; yet, the international standard quality is a priority.

Furthermore, to meet requirement of customers, Amberays heating panels can be ordered at specific agreed quantity, and a combined products shipment is acceptable.

a combined shipment to ease your freight cost
good production practices & factory