New Development: Personal Infrared Heater. Finale Chapter 1

This chapter is to keep updated of the development of our new experience personal infrared heater, Amberays P1. You may wonder it is "finale" but why "Chapter 1"? , let's briefly clarify it here :

We have started and developed this Personal Infrared Heater for few years, the project took time and even was halted for many reasons; technical issues, development budget, ...But apparently, over years we have gone through many processes; discussing ideas, designing, testing and finding right solutions. After few prototypes made and in depth testing continued, the outcome was still just close to complete. Actually, this development has reached its finale time, only there is a classic 10% to go; a 10% to complete or a 10% that may consume your energy & time same as the 90% you have dedicated to develop it over years.

However, this development is an innovative new design of a personal infrared heater, with a new heating surface material, a new cool-touch body casing material, a temperature adjustable controller, and essentially the energy efficiency technology concept of Amberays is maintained. This mobile infrared heater has been outstandingly designed as a solution for a short period of time heat needed, but give quick enough heat to warm the bodies, importantly, it is conveniently portable to re-locate to be under your work desk if needed, or serve as a foot rest in cold days.

As said, this personal infrared heater will give you a new experience of comfortable warm feeling on your skin; a nice soft heat radiation the same as sun's rays , together with a safety feature that you can completely trust.

evenly heat  carbon surface of personal infrared heater

Pic. 1 : a max. supply at 36V DC - max. temperature on the surface.

Here, a milestone of the development will be communicated, somehow this is significant as we do believe this would be a best solution to your problem during a long cold weather in the coming winter.

Please come back and check progress later.

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